No Joke, Toxic Avenger Remake Confirmed


And looks who’s behind it

Props to the gents at Arrow in the Head for speaking with Lloyd Kaufman and getting the jump on this. A few days back they reported that Troma’s Kaufman was looking to redo a number of his library titles. Details were not specific, but he said a couple of deals were “done.”

Today, however, Deadline – boasting an “exclusive” – has backed up Arrow’s report and says The Toxic Avenger is the first in line to get rebooted. Behind this endeavor are producers Akiva Goldsman (I Am Legend), Richard Saperstein and Charlie Corwin. Saperstein is presently working on a Blob remake with Rob Zombie and Corwin is the one who snatched up the Toxic rights.

According to Deadline, the goal is to “turn Toxie into a green superhero for these environmentally conscious times.”

Source: Arrow in the Head, Deadline