Set Report: The Sights of Resident Evil: Afterlife Page 2


And surprisingly enough, it appears Anderson is looking to Resident Evil 5, the video game, for inspiration. Not just in design, I’m told, but also in the fight sequences – perhaps Anderson’s way to assuage the clamor from fan boy’s who decry the film series’ narrative departure from the games.

One wall of the department’s massive room is covered in screen grabs from various games, but part five is prevalent. Characters we recognize right away: The Executioner Majini and the Majini with the exposed parasite. There’s also Wesker, Chris and Claire Redfield and the dogs. These images carry us to another portion of the room where there are designs for an Osprey aircraft, a landscape conceptual design evoking a small propeller plane flying over a decimated Los Angeles as well as another image that finds two unidentified characters standing on a rooftop gazing down at a sea of zombies. Grewal also reveals two conceptual pieces to us, one that finds Alice taking out a group of soldiers with some form of telekinesis (think Tetsuo in Akira) and another featuring a tube of water with a female floating inside.

After assessing the countless images, there’s little doubt this is the biggest Resident Evil film to date. And it’s little wonder why they’re shooting it in 3D. There is a ton of potential.

Luckily, we come to learn, Resident Evil: Afterlife is actually being shot in 3D, as opposed to being processed in 3D during post-production. And a sample of the shooting process comes when Bolt hands us a pair of black 3D glasses and seats us before two flat screen 3D monitors. Shock is witness to a new film take during the same scene previously described.

We’re back at the white room occupied by Wesker and those creepy bodies. This time, Jovovich is on set (I think she bathes in the blood of virgins, she doesn’t age) standing in the middle of the medical tables. One of the dogs we saw earlier has been positioned on top of a table. Another dog has his back to us, facing the actress who is on defense from this dangerous canine. Jovovich is wide-eyed, ready to kick some ass. Kim Coates’ character is splayed out on the floor two her left. Something went down…and he’s not looking too good. On screen, the depth of field and 3D work incredible. It’s an odd scene to use as an example, but I get the idea. Furthermore, I’m sold on 3D televisions, especially if they look this good.

As Jovovich waits for action to be called, she exudes a tireless playfulness. She’s palpably excited to be back in Alice’s skin – and I’d venture to presume working with her husband (director Anderson, in case you didn’t know the two were married). Jovovich teases her crew during the downtime and even slips in a sight gag with a pile of fake dog crap just to keep the laughs going.

The take she’s required to do is simple and Anderson yells “Action.”

“I told you I’d be bringing a few friends,” Jovovich says to Wesker (standing off camera). She suddenly dodges an imaginary object (some lethal) and runs into action. Who are those “friends” she’s referring to? You’ll learn soon enough when Resident Evil: Afterlife opens in 2D and 3D in theaters on September 10.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor