Update: Hear the Cry of the Owl


Not in theaters…on DVD

Update: Cover art to the left!

Okay, so the psychological thriller Cry of the Owl didn’t quite meet the fall release it was aiming for. Nevertheless, it is making its way to DVD on June 8.

Based on the novel by acclaimed author and suspense master Patricia Highsmith (“The Talented Mr. Ripley,” “Strangers on a Train”), the film tells the story of Robert (Paddy Considine of Cinderella Man), a man trying to recover from a messy divorce by seeking solace in a small town. Robert becomes fascinated by the apparent domestic bliss of Jenny (The Omen‘s Julia Stiles), who he secretly watches through her window. When Jenny catches him, she invites him in and the two begin a relationship, much to the chagrin of Jenny’s boyfriend. But when her boyfriend goes missing, Robert becomes the number one suspect in a murder investigation, leaving him to wonder if Jenny may not be all that she seems.

Jamie Thraves writes and directs. For an early trailer click here.

Source: Shock Till You Drop