Wolfman Howls in Third Place


But cleans up good at the box office

Going up against both kiddie fare and a romantic comedy on Valentine’s Day weekend is no easy feat. But that’s just what The Wolfman did.

Universal’s remake starring Benicio Del Toro opened at number three grossing an estimated $30 million. One million less than Percy Jackson and the Olympians which came in at number two.

Naturally, in the number one slot: Valentine’s Day.

What’s this mean for the future of Universal horror films? Good things, I’d like to think. Say what you will about The Wolfman, negative or positive, this strong opening weekend will do well for Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Invisible Man, Dracula: Year Zero and The Bride of Frankenstein.

What’s the closest to going first, though? Universal went back to square one in their development of Creature. They scrapped the script they had and brought Carl Rinsch on board to direct. Goyer’s turned in his draft of Invisible Man. But it appears Dracula: Year Zero might be going next; Alex Proyas has had a script and Sam Worthington recently jumped on board to star.

Source: Box Office Mojo