Ketchum’s Offspring Spawns Sequel


With May‘s McKee and Bettis

Follow along: Jack Ketchum’s novel “Off Season” – about a feral cannibal family in Maine – gives way to a sequel novel “Offspring.” While the rights holders for “Off Season” wait to make that title into a film, Ketchum and Moderncine swoop in and make Offspring the movie. Now, Offspring, in its cinematic incarnation, is spawning a sequel of its own called Offspring: The Woman.

In the director’s chair this time is May‘s Lucky McKee, absent from the horror scene since helming the Masters of Horror episode “Sick Girl.” McKee is writing The Woman with Ketchum and he’s got May star Angela Bettis in mind for a leading role.

Offspring director Andrew van den Houten will return to produce through his Moderncine production outfit. As for the story, well, it will follow the remaining survivor of Offspring‘s cannibal clan. Production will begin this summer in Michigan.

Source: Fangoria

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