This Relationship Was Dead from the Start

Trailer, details for Exquisite Corpse

Shipping off to Berlin this month looking for potential buyers is Exquisite Corpse from writer-director Scott David Russell and we’ve got the trailer for your peepers below. Buried Alive‘s Steve Sandvoss plays a young neuroscientist who’s lady friend bites the big one.

Like Re-Animator‘s Dan Cain before him, he uses a serum he created to bring her back to life. Unfortunately, the results are only temporary and he finds that he has to kill others to keep her alive. Zoinks.

What’s with all of these films about living dead girlfriends? Nicole Vicius plays opposite Sandvoss. As this film is fresh off of post-production, it’s still too early to tell who’s snagging it for distribution, but we’ll keep you post.

Source: Shock Till You Drop


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