Four Hot Ladies and a Van

New pics from Vampire Killers are here

I know. The headline is a cheap ploy to get you to look, sure. But you won’t be disappointed.

Vivendi Entertainment has passed along three new hi-res images from their forthcoming title Vampire Killers (known in England as Lesbian Vampire Killers). In addition to the lovely ladies below, you get some red-headed vamp action and MyAnna Buring looking deadly with a pair of swords.

In the film, two clueless friends find themselves part of a bloody adventure when they wander into a feeding ground for a band of fangs-baring vampire babes. With a busload of hot history students to protect, they’ll try to survive the night, break an ancient curse, and take down as many buxom bloodsuckers as possible.

Click on the image below for more!

Source: Vivendi Entertainment


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