Sam Raimi Takes Panic Attack Helmer Under His Wing


Ghost House funding feature project!

The below video, entitled Panic Attack, has made the rounds over the last month. It’s an impressive bit of work from Uruguyan director Federico Alvarez who demonstrates a unique view of a city under attack by a robotic menace. Cool stuff, needless to say and worth spreading around the web.

This weekend, buzz about Alvarez has intensified as he has signed a blind contract with Sam Raimi and Ghost House Pictures. Alvarez tells El Pais that during a recent jaunt to Los Angeles he struck a pretty awesome deal in which he will be granted a million to develop a feature-length script (again, featuring giant robot mayhem) that will pave the way to a film in the $30-40 million range.

Apparently he turned down Dreamworks, Fox, Warner and The Weinstein Company.

“We have the same movie in my head,” Alvarez told the site. “The beauty of this is total freedom and Raimi have sponsored. They protect you from the studio system for making your movie.”

Source: El Pais