Director Talks I Spit on Your Grave Remake


Changes and similarities to the original

The remake to I Spit on Your Grave rolled cameras in Shrevenport, Louisiana recently and director Steven Monroe is now stepping forward to talk about his take on Meir Zarchi’s original picture.

Sarah Butler stars as a young woman who is repeatedly raped and then seeks revenge on her attackers.

“There is one additional lead character, a Sheriff played by Andrew Howard,” Monroe says of the changes viewers will see in his film, “and of course we upped the brutality and length of the tortures and kills – as they were quite short in the original – which was really a disturbing thriller at heart not a horror film. I also wanted to update the look of the film and give it a very voyeuristic quality and gritty realism.”

To read more, check out Moviehole’s interview here. Anchor Bay will distribute the film when it is completed.

Source: Moviehole