Nimrod Antal Speaks Out About Predators


And the casting of Adrien Brody

Promoting the release of the action film Armored, director Nimrod Antal spoke to our brother site about the anticipated Predators, produced by Robert Rodriguez (Sin City).

Antal touched on a number of subjects, from taking on the project to his preference for practical effects (created by the team at KNB EFX). One snippet from the CS interview we found interesting was his take on the casting. Fans of the Predator raised an eyebrow when Adrien Brody and Topher Grace hopped aboard.

“Let me tell you, I was so much of a fan that I stood in line when I was 14 and I had the poster on my wall. I was a huge fan,” he said. “Again, it was a challenge in finding a balance. I think when we cast Adrien, there were a lot of people going, ‘What?’ but at the same time, if we cast a Vin Diesel in that role or if we cast anyone who is Arnold-esque, we would have been attacked for doing that. So we decided early on to go in a very different direction as far as the casting process, but it turned out fantastic. He plays a mercenary in the film and if you look at the guys in Iraq and Afghanistan today, they’re not ‘yolked- out’ Schwarzenegger-looking guys. They’re all very wiry and thin guys, and I think it’s going to play well.”

For the full chat, click here. Predators is shooting in various locations, including Texas.