Goon Animated Film Moving Steadily Along


Just waiting on David Fincher…

Where’s the animated feature based on Eric Powell’s horror-comedy comic title “The Goon”? Good question.

In March, some images surfaced – a small taste of what’s happening at Blur Studios, the CG animators on board the project.

Powell dropped some knowledge on CBR regarding an update on its development. “I just finished writing the script a few months back, and Blur is working on a lot of test stuff,” he says. “[David] Fincher is working on a film right now, so we’re waiting for him to get some space so we can start showing some of this stuff off. I’m pretty happy with everything so far. We’ve just got to work to get to the next point. This is a slow, long process.”

Fincher (Fight Club) will most likely serve as a producer.

Source: Comic Book Resources