Mos Def, Bill Moseley Join Living Dead Voice Cast


The CG-animated prequel to Romero’s classic

A few months back, Danielle Harris revealed via Twitter that she was providing the voice of Barbra in Zebediah de Soto’s CG-animated prequel Night of the Living Dead: Origins, which will fill in the backgrounds of some of the characters from Romero’s zombie classic.

Earlier tonight, had a fun interview with the actress on the set of her new movie, Jim Mickle and Nick Amici’s Stake Land (more on that soon), and not only did we learn that she has finished her voicework for the film, but she also revealed that Mos Def and Bill Moseley are joining her in the voice cast. While unconfirmed, early word has it that Mos Def will be voicing Ben, while Moseley will ironically enough be reprising his role as Johnny which he played in Tom Savini’s 1990 Night Of The Living Dead remake. Day Of The Dead‘s Joe Pilato is voicing Harry Cooper with Alona Tal playing Helen Cooper.

“I’ve seen the director’s (other) stuff and it looks really unbelievable,” Harris told us when asked if she’d had a chance to see any of what the movie would like. She expects we won’t be seeing the finished movie for at least two years.

In our exclusive interview with director De Sato back in October, he stated that his intention was to make Origins an expansion of the original film rather then just a straight forward prequel. A chance to see moments in the undead uprising that were only alluded to, while tapping into the back stories of the main characters who have been familiar to us for over 40 years. (Read that full interview here.)

Look for more from our set visit from Stake Land very soon.

Source: Edward Douglas