Judith: A Halloween Tribute Short Film


“The Night She Stayed Home”

Ever wondered what the events in the life of Judith Myers were like leading up to her inevitable demise at the hands of her little brother, Michael? (I’m talking John Carpenter’s original here, not Rob Zombie’s re-“imagining”) Well, filmmakers Josh Hasty and Kenny Caperton decided to tell that backstory in their new fan short Judith: A Halloween Tribute Film.

Writer Caperton is no stranger to the Myers universe having built his North Carolina home into an exact replica of the Myers house from Carpenter’s original film. Below you can check out the teaser trailer to director Josh Hasty’s Judith, along with a pair of teaser posters and the synopsis.

You can check out a slew of behind the scenes photos via the official Myers House website right here.

Synopsis: TRICK-OR-TREAT! It’s Halloween day in the quiet rural community of Haddonfield, Illinois. Judith Myers and her best friend D’arcy Mims are planning a Halloween night campout at The Myers House with their friends. Judith is trying to forget the growing tensions in her family and wants to immerse herself in a carefree celebration, but her reclusive brother’s presence casts an ominous shadow over their cheerful preparations.

This short film breaths life into an often overlooked character from John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN – Judith Myers may have only had a short appearance in the classic film, but she nevertheless played a crucial role in the forming of the Michael Myers story. Director Josh Hasty (A Mannequin in Static) and writer Kenny Caperton (the creator of The Myers House NC) join forces to reinvent a classic character in an original new story.

Source: MyersHouseNC.com