Milla Talks Big Fight in Resident Evil: Afterlife


Who are they facing?

Milla Jovovich has been tweeting this morning about a big fight that she’s about to shoot for Resident Evil: Afterlife.

“Today we [are] shooting the big ‘Wesker fight’! So it was really important to get our heads around what exactly would [be] happening,” she said.

Milla added that “the fight is Alice, Claire and Chris Redfield against super powerful Wesker. The moves [are] taken directly from RE5, a homage to the fans.”

Once she got on-set, she said, “Wow, this wesker set is sick!!!!! Hahahahahaha! It looks so amazing!!!! U guys [are] gonna flip out when u see it!”

Stay tuned for more. Shock is en route to the Resident Evil: Afterlife set this week!

Source: Milla Jovovich