Oren Peli’s Area 51 Plot Details Emerge


Filmmaker’s follow-up to Paranormal Activity

Production on Oren Peli’s follow-up to Paranormal Activity is already shooting, but details on Area 51 have been kept top secret. All we’ve known thus far is that the story centers around three teenagers whose curiosity leads them to the legendary and mysterious Area 51 Air Force base deep in the Nevada desert. Now, the gents over at Latino Review have discovered a shooting script/outline draft dated 9/24/09.

So what’s the verdict? Is it Paranormal Activity with aliens instead of ghosts? Here’s an excerpt:

“The “script” for Area 51 reads much like I imagine the “script” for Paranormal Activity did. It’s basically a scene-by-scene breakdown with a list of various props, actors, and the general interactions between the actors and their surroundings. There is no written dialogue, but within the action descriptions are general ideas that the actors will be using to improvise their lines with on set. Unlike Paranormal Activity’s single location, Area 51 is far more expansive in its setting.”

You can read the full script review over at this link, but beware of spoilers.

The cast for the flick consists of all relatively unknown actors, Reid Warner, Darrin Bragg and Ben Rovner.

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Source: Latino Review