Update on Unique Zombie Film Devil’s Playground


Producer talks cast, director

Black & Blue Films is amassing a number of horror productions on its growing resume and we’ve got the details on one film that’s getting ready to shoot in just a matter of weeks.

Presently, Black & Blue is in production on Dead Cert, a vampire film, however, they’re lurching into zombie territory with Devil’s Playground. But this isn’t just any undead romp, it’s got a touch of film noir to it.

The cast includes Danny Dyer (Severance), Janet Montgomery (The Hills Run Red), Jaime Murray (Dexter), MyAnna Buring (The Descent), Del Henney (Straw Dogs) and Dead Cert‘s Craig Fairbbrass. Bart Ruspoli wrote the script.

Fairbrass plays a hardened killer named Cole who’s searching for a cure to the illness causing a zombie apocalypse across the globe, and that is slowly turning him into one. Angela (Buring) may hold the secret to a cure, but Cole will have to find her and deal with her tough ex-cop boyfriend Joe (Dyer).

“It’s a lovely cast, and we’re shooting at Elstree,” producer Jonathan Sothcott tells us. “Daniel Beddingfield’s doing the music. It’s being directed by a guy called Mark McQueen, who was the 2nd unit director on The Tournament, and lead director on Fifth Gear, so he’s really good with his action and speed and all that stuff, and we’re shooting that through until the middle of January.”

Source: Ryan Rotten, Ben Mortimer