New Composer in for The Wolfman


Haslinger replacing Danny Elfman

According to Cinemusic, Danny Elfman is no longer attached to Universal’s upcoming remake of The Wolfman. The article speculates that due to the multiple moves in release date, Elfman is no longer available to score the movie. (He’s currently working on Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland)

The publication confirmed that Paul Haslinger will be taking over scoring duties on The Wolfman and will record a brand new score in January of 2010. (Cutting it close to the February 12 release date) Why Universal isn’t using any of Elfman’s score remains a mystery.

Some of Haslinger’s other credits include Underworld, Death Race, Vacancy and Crank. Not to mention he was a member of Tangerine Dream.

Considering Haslinger’s musical style, it would seem Universal is going more with the score that accompanies the second Wolfman trailer as opposed to the first. Check out that latest trailer here.

Source: Cinemusic