EXCL: Barrel Roll Photo from 2001 Maniacs Sequel


And a message from director Tim Sullivan

The photos continue to flow from 2001 Manaics: Field of Screams, writer-director Tim Sullivan’s follow-up to 2001 Maniacs. We have a new image to share today, this one finds Tim Sullivan rolling out the barrel- a homage to the much beloved sequence from Herschell Gordon Lewis original 1964 Two Thousand Maniacs.

Sullivan’s sequel was to make its American Film Market premiere this weekend, however, there have been a few changes and he explains why to us below.

As many of you know, this weekend was the scheduled screening of a temp version of 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams for buyers at the AFM market.

After much consideration, the producers and I all made what I believe was the very wise decision to postpone the screenings till the film was 100% complete.

As wonderful as it looks, there is still a lot of sound work to be done; the current mix, score and ADR is still only temp.

It’s all about the “lasting first impression,” and although you can tell buyers and distributors that the sound mix is “temporary,” they still inevitably will judge you by what they are watching on the screen.

Add the additional obstacle of the language barrier with the foreign buyers, and we ultimately are just not putting our best foot forward…which I refuse to do, having come this far and having all worked so hard bringing our very best A game to this very mad tea party.

We continue to work round the clock with my composer and sound designer Patrick Copeland on the scoring and sound mix – and we anticipate a finished film by the holidays.

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Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor