Update: 2 Wolfman Teaser Posters Claw Online


Come out where ever you are, wolfie…

Update: Okay, there are two teasers posters. The second just went live at AICN (it actually features the Wolfman. So whatever we wrote below? That’s us with egg on our face.

Teaser one-sheet art for Universal Pictures’ upcoming remake of The Wolfman premiered at Cinematical this afternoon. Ominous, but underwhelming. It’s a shot from the trailer – featuring co-star Emily Blunt – that has been used for banners, um, but where’s the Wolfman, exactly? At least have him prowling about in the background. For a full look, click on the teaser image below and weigh in with your thoughts.

The Wolfman, starring Benicio del Toro and Anthony Hopkins, opens in theaters on February 12 and we’ve got our fingers crossed it’s a good one!

If you’ve missed the trailer, click here!

Source: Cinematical