Jovovich Explains On Set Resident Evil Photos


Describes costume, people in “white”

The busiest Tweeter on the scene, Milla Jovovich (who described in her “bio” pronounced mee-luh yo-vo-vitch) learned this morning of the photos we were the first to break yesterday from Resident Evil: Afterlife.

“We call the people in white ‘pod people’ here on set,” she explains of the mysterious figures you can find in a hi-res image here. “They have been used as Umbrella ‘test subjects’ in horrifying experiments.”

The actress also says her Alice costume is the best one yet. “This is super funny, I have this great gun harness made of leather and we incorporated a thing we found online called, get this, a ‘butt bra’! I swear, you can probably find a pic of it if you Google ‘butt bra’!” she laughs.

Keep following her adventures on set here and stay tuned for more on the film at Shock Till You Drop.

Source: Twitter