Trailer for the Filmmaker’s Book Of The Dead


How to make your own heart-racing horror movie

Below you can find the teaser trailer to Filmmaker’s Book Of The Dead: How to Make Your Own Heart-Racing Horror Movie, an instructional reference guide to learn all the tricks of the trade in low-budget independent movie-making written by Danny Draven.

The 300 plus page book features not only filmmaking tips from Draven, but also plenty of interviews with genre alumni such as Troma president Lloyd Kaufman, Robert Englund, James Wan, Stuart Gordon, Robert Kurtzman, Tom Savini, Herschell Gordon Lewis, David DeCoteau, Reggie Bannister, Chuck Williams, John D. LeMay, Debbie Rochon and many, many more. The book also features a foreword by Full Moon Pictures Charles Band.

See the promo below and pre-order the book on Amazon right here.

Source: Robg.