Brian Yuzna’s Amphibious 3D is Surfacing!


And we’ve got artwork, plot details

A year ago, Brian Yuzna (Bride of Re-Animator) announced he was producing a trio of flicks on the cheap and in Indonesia under his Komodo Film banner. Oh, and let’s not forget they’d be in 3-D.

Yuzna had a good run at Fantastic Factory (in Spain) and Komodo was to be his latest production outfit. The first film in the can is Amphibious 3D which he directed and co-penned with John Penney. Celsius Entertainment is taking the film out to potential buyers at the American Film Market and to the left you’ll see their sales art.

Michael Paré, Janna Fassaert and Francis Magee star and are part of a marine research expedition. They travel to the exotic Sumatran Sea and encounter a supernatural prehistoric creature resurfacing with a vengeance. When the project was first announced, said creature was supposed to be a “sea scorpion,” hence the tail you see in the image.

Amphibious 3D was shot in Stereoscopic 3D and polarized for release in Real D or Dolby 3D.

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Source: Celsius Entertainment