Trailer: These Sisters Want Your Parts for The Scar Crow


New AFM sales art revealed

UK filmmakers Andy Thompson and Pete Benson are taking their horror film The Scar Crow to the American Film Market this year. Listings for this title peg it as a “horror comedy,” however, there are little laughs to come from the trailer below. Not because the jokes are duds…it’s because there are no jokes. The trailer goes straight for the jugular.

In the film, three city boys get their comeuppance when they meet a trio of glamorous sisters during a weekend team-building exercise in the countryside. While the Tanner sisters are sensual and seductive, their old-world femininity masks a terrible secret. Three hundred years before, they were cursed as they murdered their abusive father and hung his corpse as a scarecrow. To escape the curse they must replace his body with five separate parts all drawn from a different victim.

Modern men meeting old school gals recalls the recent Fear Itself episode, “Sacrifice.”

Thompson and Benson also created a short called The Witch Sisters Trilogy which expands on the tale of the Tanner sisters: From 1450 for 300 years European communities panic with the fear of witches living among them. The witch-hunts seek out, torture and murder ten’s of thousands of mainly women. The 3 Tanner sisters live in fear after their mother is hanged for witchcraft, in her absence their father takes advantage of his daughters leaving the family somewhere between life and death cursed for an eternity.

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