EXCL: The Somnambulist Wraps Production


From writer/director Rachel Grissom and starring Edward Furlong

We’ve just gotten word that production has wrapped on The Somnambulist, the new psychological thriller from writer/director Rachel Grissom. The film starring Heather McComb, Gbenga Akinnagbe (Edge Of Darkness), Vail Bloom and Edward Furlong (Night Of The Demons) has already been set up for distribution both foreign and domestically by Seven Arts Pictures LLC with Tayona Entertainment group as the co-distributor in Latin America.

The story revolves around Rebekah, a survivor of a recent brutal attack suffering from frequent hallucinations, paranoia and insomnia brought upon by her traumatic ordeal. Terrified to be alone, she moves in with her close friend Irene who happens to be an insurance investigator and begins helping her on the case of one Alex Chandler. The deeper that Rebekah delves into Alex’s case, the less confident she becomes in her grip on reality. As short term and long term memories become indistinguishable from one another, she no longer remembers where the threat is coming from – is it Alex, is it her initial assailants coming to finish the job, or is it from within?

Director Grissom says she was most excited when her script unexpectedly delved into horror/thriller territory late in the writing process. “I personally really love to watch horror and in my mind it doesn’t have to be about shock value,” explains Grissom. “I really like it when (the material) has something to say about the horrors and dangers of human nature.”

The film was produced by Oak Porcelli of Lightwave Entertainment and shot in Louisiana. Also serving as a co-producer is Bobbi Sue Luther, who’s no stranger to the genre having starred in and produced Laid To Rest and also produced the webseries Fear Clinic, currently airing on FearNet. (You can catch her in front of the camera next in the Night Of The Demons remake with Somnambulist star Edward Furlong.)

“Our cast was amazing to work with and most faces will be familiar to sci- fi and horror fans,” says Luther. “I love the genre and The Somnambulist was a sort of step in a different direction to what I am used to doing. It definitely falls into a thriller vibe.”

We’ve been provided with two exclusive pics, which you can check out below. More when we hear it!

Source: Robg.