Amber Heard Talks Stepfather, Zombieland

Horror’s latest & hottest scream queen?

The Stepfather remake opens in theaters today, introducing audiences to a new form of fatherly aggression in the form of Dylan Walsh (Terry O’Quinn played the titular role in the ’87 original film).

Facing this threat is Kelly Porter, played by Amber Heard (All the Boys Love Mandy Lane), girlfriend of the film’s protagonist Michael (Penn Badgley). “I enjoyed making the movie,” Heard told us this week during a brief phone chat. “There’s lots of bathing suits, lots of screaming and, well let’s just say, what makes making films like this fun.”

Pressed for more details about her character, Heard offers a frank assessment: “She’s not breaking the mold, she’s a more classic example of a horror-thriller girl. She plays into more stereotypes than she breaks. It’s important to not lie about it. But I hope people agree with me that it’s done well. I have done horror films where my character breaks the mold, plus I just love filming horror movies and thrillers. Some molds need to be broken, others need to be brought back.”

Fans of the actress will certain agree that she broke the norm with her turn in Zombieland as Jesse Eisenberg’s neighbor who is in need of consolation…before she becomes one of the undead. “[That was] hours of prosthetic application, contents and teeth, additional makeup and blood and hair,” she laughs. “In my case a lot of vomit and blood being used. As I tell you this, I’m also explaining why I took this role because never before in my career have I had the opportunity to do this. Director [Reuben Fleischer] and I spoke about being in this and he said he wanted me to be as disgusting as possible. I’ve never had that said to me and I thought it was terrific.”

Heard recently wrapped work on John Carpenter’s The Ward; read what she had to say about that here.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor


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