A Pair of Images from After Dark’s Hidden

Coming to theaters January 29

After Dark Films has passed along a pair of photos from Hidden in the wake of their recent acquisition of the Norwegian spookshow. This title is the fourth to join Horrorfest 4 which kicks off on January 29, 2010.

Other films in the lineup next year include Dread, The Graves and Lake Mungo.

Synopsis: Kai Koss who upon the death of his cruel mother unwillingly returns to the small town he ran away from 19 years ago. He is left in charge of the family home and the dark secrets that come with it. Kai soon finds himself tangled up in a series of murderous events that are beyond anyone’s control and his troubles begin to overwhelm him. He has spent the past two decades trying to forget a tortured past only to find that there are some things that you just can’t run from.

Source: After Dark Films


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