King’s Home Delivery Rights Picked Up


Brothers hooking up with Kitamura for new project? was contacted about a pair of ambitious projects lined up by brothers John and Paul Buckholts.

The latter informed us that they’ve secured the rights and are developing an adaptation of Stephen King’s story “Home Delivery.” One of the author’s zombie stories, the film would focus on a Maine island where survivors escape from the undead. According to Paul, Ryuhei Kitamura (Midnight Meat Train) is attached to direct.

“Home Delivery” was once considered for adaptation by Mick Garris who wanted to bring the story to the screen when Masters of Horror was still on the air.

Paul adds they’ve also attracted Martin Weisz to helm The Bleeding: An American spy on assignment in Romania stumbles upon a dark secret that the inhabitants of the region have hidden for centuries. The lesser of two evils is questioned when he infiltrates a small unit of German SS soldiers who encounter a mysterious enemy while fighting partisans in The Carpathian Mountains…vampires.

John and Paul Buckholts are shepherding both through their One Thing Productions banner – which must be a new production entity as we can find any further details on the Buckholts brothers.

Kitamura has a busy schedule ahead. He’s also attached to direct Teratoma and Magdalena.