28 Weeks Later Helmer Circling Bioshock


Video game adaptation changing hands

Universal Pictures’ live-action Bioshock isn’t sunk yet. According to Variety, Gore Verbinski will produce and 28 Weeks Later and Intacto director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is in talks to direct the feature film based on the popular video game.

Verbinski became attached to the project in 2008, however, Universal stalled production when the budget began to inflate beyond their comfort zone. Just a month prior to this announcement in April, Fresnadillo signed to direct X: The Man With the X-Ray eyes for MGM. We can only presume Bioshock is going to take priority now.

Bioshock takes place in an underwater city based on the free market principles of Ayn Rand, but things have gone disastrously wrong. Players control a pilot who crash-lands at a secret entrance to the city, called Rapture, and is drawn into a power struggle during which he discovers that his will is not as free as he’d thought.

Source: Variety