Horror News Nuggets Part Two

Hellbound Hearts, Cowboy Killer and trailers

Here’s a second wave of tasty news morsels that I’ve cultivated over the last week. You seemed to appreciate the format the first time we tried this here, so let’s roll on.

• Clive Barker’s seminal novella “Hellbound Heart” has inspired a collection of stories inspired by his world of cenobites. “Hellbound Hearts” culls twenty-one tales from the likes of Mick Garris, Peter Atkins, Tim Lebbon, Steve Niles, Yvonne Navarro and more. Barker lends a forward, there’s an introduction by Stephen Jones and an afterword by Doug “Pinhead” Bradley. Find more details and check out the wicked cover art here. It’s released in the US and the UK on September 29th.

• The filmmakers behind the indie horror-comedy Cowboy Killer have alerted us to a trailer and an official website. Directed by Jason Baustin, the film tells of a good ‘ol cowboy who unleashes havoc on a small town.

• Paraabnormal.tv is previewing te upcoming series on September 1st.

From the garage of his disapproving mother’s home, soldier of all that is good, Ken Livingston, leads a team of supernatural investigators in a search for truth, justice and poltergeists. In each episode, our heroes confront paraabnormalities that no other Supernatural Sleuths would dare — busting ghosts caught on sex tapes, braving motel rooms that kill(and have no cable or turn down service), and seducing skanky succubuses. They are not normal…they are paraabnormal.

A new web series produced and co-directed by Eduardo Sanchez (Blair Witch Project) and co-directed/written by Jamie Nash (Seventh Moon, Altered).

• The trailer for Blood Island is now live. You’ll find it here. Described as a cross between The Beach and The Blair Witch Project, the film is set against the backdrop of a scenic paradise but there’s also a blood-thirsty pirate. And you could say he doesn’t like the group of friends who visit the island. You could also say he really doesn’t like the friends stumbling upon his treasure, awakening a curse that shouldn’t be awakened. Shot on location in Belize and from the producers of Lionsgate Films’ The Evil Woods and Curse of Alcatraz, Blood Island is helmed by first-time director Tyler Hickman and stars the unluckiest victims this side of the Caribbean.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor


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