SDCC: Megan Fox Talks Jennifer’s Body FX


And bringing humor to horror

On the red carpet at the 20th Century Fox Jennifer’s Body part in San Diego, I had some brief one-on-one time with star Megan Fox. Did we talk relationships? Nah. We gabbed about makeup. Makeup FX that is.

The actress says that when her demonic counterpart is revealed in the Karyn Kusama-director horror-comedy, it’s not just her that’s doing the nasty bit ‘o business of chewing up boys. “I actually wasn’t in [the makeup chair] that much because they created an entire head,” she said. Handling the film’s FX is KNB. “They did a live cast of me from the shoulders up. They created me and then put the teeth in. To save my face, they had a photo double that would come in and do most of the crazy monster makeup – they would do that on her. So it would go from me, then in post-production it would somehow go to her and the fake head. They would mix them all together.”

Another delicate balance came in the film’s humor. Fox says she relied mostly on Diablo Cody’s script and Kusama’s direction to pull it off for a good reason. “I have a very specific sense of humor, things that I think are funny aren’t going to fly with middle America. It’s going to eliminate some of the audience, so you need someone there to tell you you can’t do that.”

Jennifer’s Body opens in theaters on September 18th.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor