SDCC ’09: Jennifer’s Body Panel Photos


Shock sees 15 minutes of the film

It was all about Jennifer’s Body last night in more ways than one. 20th Century Fox held a press conference for us salivating journos itching to get a look at the Diablo Cody-penned, Megan Fox-starring horror-comedy. And Cody, Fox, producer Jason Reitman and director Karyn Kusama stepped out for a Q&A shortly after we were presented with 15 minutes of the film.

The footage was introductory fare as we catch up to Amanda Seyfried’s Needy Lesnicky and Fox’s Jennifer Check en route to a local classic rock-blarin’ tavern where they are there to see a band led by Adam Brody’s Nikolai. Not long into the performers’ first song, the bar catches on fire killing nearly everyone – even the foreign exchange student, crushed by a burning rafter – yet Needy and Jennifer escape through the bathroom window. Jennifer ends up getting whisked away by Nikolai in his band’s van and Needy is left alone, tired and worried. As she details her evening to her boyfriend on the phone, she finds Jennifer in the kitchen – bloody, clothes torn up. She doesn’t say anything. She just offers a sinister smile (a devilish grin that reminded this writer of Karen Black’s final state after dealing with the Zuni doll in Trilogy of Terror). Soon she’s tearing into a roasted chicken she finds in the fridge, screaming at Needy with a primal hunger, and belching a viscous black fluid all over the kitchen floor.

Yep, something’s up with Jennifer.

The dialogue carries Cody’s unmistakable rhythm and can be hilariously crude at times, but it’s not obnoxious by any means. Fox slips into the groove with ease, comfortably sinking into a confident “alpha female” role that’s entertaining to watch – she’s pretty damn good at it. And when she’s asked to “transform,” she does it with relish. Brody actually does his share of scene-stealing as the smarmy, eyeliner-wearing musician looking for a virgin for some nefarious scheme. Overall, it’s always hard to judge a movie based on a preview like this, however, the footage offered an amusing start that I’m curious to see play out when the film hits on September 18.

While I prep the press conference write-up, here are some photos from the evening.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor