The Butchers Roll with The Violent Kind


Twitter page set up, follow the production

The Butcher Bros. – Mitchell Altieri and Phil Flores – are riding with some mean motherf**kers in The Violent Kind, a new film they’re currently filming based on a script they wrote.

It centers on a group of bikers whose booze ‘n sex-filled party comes to an end when mysterious figures are glimpsed in the woods and a gruesome discovery is made in a secluded farmhouse.

Andy Gould and Malek Akkad – producers of 2007’s Halloween and the upcoming sequel – are shepherding the project with Michael Ferris Gibson and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre‘s executive producer Jeffrey Allard.

The Butchers helmed The Hamiltons – an After Dark Films release – in 2006. They followed it up with the misguided April Fool’s Day early last year. For The Violent Kind, which hopefully puts these two back in their comfort zone, they’re directing a cast which includes Cory Knauf, Taylor Cole, Tiffany Shepis, Bret Roberts, Nick Tagas, Joe Egender, Joseph McKelheer and Samuel Child.

You can follow the film’s production via this Twitter account.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter