Mighty Boosh’s Fielding is the Zombie King


I Spit On Your Rave calls for extras

The filmmakers behind I Spit On Your Rave are looking for the largest assembly of zombies they can get at The Big Chill festival (August 6-9) in England.

That’s where the Film4/Warp Films production is lensing scenes for the post-apocalyptic thriller which is set in 2018 – a time when zombies have taken over the world. Apparently, in the film, they hold music festivals, too. And that’s why director Chris Boyle has chosen to use The Big Chill as his backdrop for a number of scenes featuring Noel Fielding (The Mighty Boosh) who is going to be featured as a zombie king.

According to the film’s official site, I Spit On Your Rave is a mockumentary about the first post-apocalypse zombie music festival. If you live in England and anywhere near Eastnor Castle Deer Park – where the fest is taking place – click here and learn how to participate in the film. If you do, drop us a line – we could use a reporter on the scene!

Source: Film4