Official: Both Arquettes Signed for Scream 4


Dewey and Gale will be back

You’ll definitely be seeing Dewey Riley and Gale Weathers when Scream 4 hits the screen.

Actor David Arquette (who played Deputy Riley in Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson’s Scream trilogy) confirmed to E! Online that he has officially signed up for the sequel, and so has his wife Courteney Cox.

“We are going to be doing Scream 4,” Arquette tells the site. “Kevin Williamson is writing the script at this moment, and hopefully Wes Craven is going to direct.”

So there’s two actors locked. Arquette hopes Craven and Neve Campbell follow, but that’s still all up in the air. Williamson, as it has been reported, is penning a “new trilogy” in the franchise. Craven’s commitment is contingent on the strength of the script. And naturally, no plot details are being revealed as to where Williamson is taking the story next.

Source: E! Online