Cirque du Freak Takes a New Title


A release date change, too

Was the title Cirque du Freak (set visit preview) too, er, exotic for audiences? Or is Universal merely trying to tap into the latest bloodsucker pop culture craze?

The studio has re-titled its adaptation of Darren Shan’s novel to The Vampire’s Assitant. Not only that, but it’s now hitting theaters on October 23.

By placing the key word “vampire” in the title, we presume Universal is looking to attract that Twilight and True Blood crowd. But are they going to alienate the readership standing behind Shan’s line of teenage novels? Probably not. “The Vampire’s Assistant” is the moniker for book number two in the series.

Also opening on the 23rd, Lionsgate’s Saw 6.

Source: Universal Pictures