Jaime Winstone to Star in 3-D Horror Flick


Actress is from this year’s Donkey Punch

Jaime Winstone (Donkey Punch) will star in Elfie Hopkins And The Gammons.

Ryan Andrews is directing for producers Michael Wiggs and Steve Matthews of Size 9. Vertigo Films is in line to co-produce when cameras roll this winter.

Andrews tells the site that his film will be “a quirky horror and an eclectic mix of comic book characters, British pop culture and fantasy setting in an unusual and twisted world.”

The film is notable in that it’s the first UK horror production to be shot in 3-D. According to Screen Daily, Winstone “will play a teenage misfit and ‘wannabe detective’ Elfie Hopkins, whose investigations are limited to annoying small-minded residents of the rural village where she lives, until the charismatic but suspicious Gammons family arrive.”

Source: Screen Daily