Hillbilly Hell for Students in Tucker and Dale vs. Evil


Acclaimed script goes into production

What is considered one of the industry’s best “unproduced screenplays” is finally getting some love.

Director Eli Craig has begun production on Tucker and Dale vs. Evil starring Tyler Labin (Reaper, pictured) and Alan Tudyk (Dollhouse) as Dale and Tucker, respectively.

The pair play hillbillies mistaken for psycho killers by a group of camping college students. You see, Tyler and Dale acquired their “summer home” – a dilapidated cabin – on the same lake as the vacationers. Fun ensues from there in this horror-comedy which is shooting up in Calgary. Katrina Bowen (30 Rock) also stars.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil was penned by Craig and Morgan Jurgenson. Eden Rock Media, Kintop/Reliance L.P. , Urban Island and Looby Lou are producing.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor