Deadgirl Duo’s Update On Murk

Their remake of the Danish film

Directors Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel lined up their next film, Murk, back in December with Gold Circle Films. Nearly a month out from the release of their twisted debut Deadgirl, we caught up with the pair to see how the next project was coming along.

“We are still working on Murk . That’s what we’re focusing on that,” says Harel. “We turned in our first draft and everything is moving forward.” Murk is a redo of a 2005 Danish film directed by Jannik Johansen. In the hands of Sarmiento and Harel, the latter describes it as “much more of a re-imagining. It’s bigger and more disturbed. If you’ve seen the original it’s interesting and a little thriller. We’ve taken that idea and if the director of the original sees what we do with it…I don’t know what he’ll think.”

When the film was first announced, the remake was described it as a “high-tech twist.” Both directors maintain that’s definitely the case, however, won’t reveal any further details. Harel adds, “it’s definitely disturbing.”

Look for Deadgirl to begin its limited theaterical run July 24th.



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