Cam Gigandet’s Update on Priest

“[Shooting is] coming up in August,” says Gigandet, “It’s a big movie. Paul Bettany and I are fighting vampires. Or creatures. vampire-creatures to be exact… If you wanted to call them something, they’d be vampires. But not in the terms that we think of vampires. They don’t like sun and that’s kind of the main similarity. Other than that, they don’t look like humans. They move differently. When you think of vampires, now people probably think of Twilight. But these aren’t like that.”

Despite the “non-human” description, Cam’s character in the comic is actually half-vampire and the actor went on to say that he hopes (and assumes) that the creatures will still be done with practical effects rather than CGI.

Gigandet further stressed that the film is quite a bit different from the source material, even to the point that he doesn’t quite consider it an adaptation.

“I didn’t even know it was based on a graphic novel until after I auditioned,” he says. “Now, looking at both the script and the comic, they’re related, but I don’t know if it’s based on it entirely. I personally like the script better.”

Source: Silas Lesnick