Zombie: Tyrannosaurus Rex’s Future Uncertain

Definitely not extinct

When ShockTillYouDrop.com visited the set of Rob Zombie’s H2 (Halloween 2) last month, Andy Gould – Zombie’s manager and producer – offered a glimmer of hope regarding Tyrannosaurus Rex. The project, a violent ’70s-esque thriller about a boxer, had broken free of Dimension Films and was being courted by another studio. Zombie tells us this week, however, that he’s not sure if it will be his next film.

“I would love to make that movie next – it may be, it may not be. I don’t know yet,” he said on break from editing his latest outing with Michael Myers. “It’s sort of hanging out there. It seems like, every year, it gets harder and harder to get a movie made. Even if you’re following up a hit, the studios – I don’t know if it’s the economy – but trying to get them to greenlight and loosen up the money is a f**kin’ nightmare. If you look at the movies being made, nobody wants to make anything that’s different. They just want sequels, remakes, things based on pre-existing comics. It’s f**kin’ hard. I got offered nine million horror remakes the last year, many of them have been made but they all crossed my desk. There’s no original material being made.”

Of course, the writer-director says this completely cognizant of the fact that he’s at work on a sequel to a remake. We’ll have more with Zombie soon.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor


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