Inside Team Take on the Supernatural


Plot synopsis for Livid

It appears Inside‘s Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury are at work on a new English language film that will get rolling later this year. It won’t be Hellraiser or Neige (Snow), the film we reported on last year. Instead, this one is called Livid and Twitch Film has the synopsis.

It’s young Lucy’s first day as a trainee in-house caregiver. She visits Mrs. Jessel, an old woman who lies in cerebral coma, by herself, in her large desolate house. Learning by accident that Mrs. Jessel, a former dance teacher of repute, supposedly possesses a treasure somewhere in the house, Lucy and friends William and Ben decide to search the house in the hope of finding it.

At night, they get into the house, which reveals itself to be increasingly peculiar. Their hunt for Mrs. Jessel’s treasure leads them into a horrifying supernatural series of events that will change Lucy forever…

A haunted house film? This is guaranteed: It will look great. And hopefully it will be violent as f**k. Twitch has poster art for the film which you can get a peek at here.

Source: Twitch Film