Assorted Horror DVD News & Artwork


Krueger clones, toothsome monsters and Daryl Hannah

Mondo Macabro announced it is releasing the third volume in its Bollywood Horror Collection on May 19th. The latest double bill will contain:

Mahakaal: The MonsterA nightmare creature haunts a young girl’s dreams. Her friends refuse to believe her when she tells them the fiend has now entered the real world and they are all going to die horribly. Soon her fears start to come true. Is it too late to stop the horror?

Tahkhana: The DungeonTwo sisters, separated as children, share the secret of a hidden treasure. Years later, their secret falls into the hands of a bunch of sleazy adventurers. What none of them know is that the treasure is guarded by a hideous monster, animated by the blood of a vengeful black magician.

Both titles will feature remastered prints, newly-created English subtitles and their original trailers.

Lionsgate Home Entertainment has revealed artwork for its June 2nd release Razortooth. You’ll find more details on the film here.

Here’s some art for the Daryl Hannah-starring The Devil’s Ground (formerly known as Cycle). Anchor Bay premieres the film on DVD May 19th.

And finally, Mulberry St. is hitting the UK under a different moniker: Zombie Virus on Mulberry Street. It streets on May 18th overseas and we thought you’d get a kick out of the box art.