ChromeSkull’s Bleeding Money


Join his club, win a cash prize!

On April 21st, Anchor Bay Entertainment releases the “Unrated Director’s Cut” of Robert Hall’s Laid to Rest on DVD, featuring the debut of the next great masked serial killer – ChromeSkull

And for fans who want to find out more about Laid To Rest and ChromeSkull, there’s a new website and contest where fans can enter to win a Grand Prize of $2,500!

The new Laid to Rest “ChromeSkull” Victims website can be found at and allows visitors the opportunity to become a bonafide “Chromie,” while watching exclusive video from Laid to Rest, including the national TV spot soon to air everywhere, along with exclusive film clips and the chance to enter for the Grand Prize of $2,500, along with additional prizes. You can even “Submit Your Subjects” to refer friends for the honor of joining a very exclusive club!

For more on the film click here where you’ll find exclusive stills, two trailers and a link to the official site.

Source: Anchor Bay Entertainment