Where did Horsemen Ride Off To?


Very limited release in the States

Many of you have written in asking if Horsemen, the serial killer thriller starring Dennis Quaid, ever opened on March 6th. It did.

In December, Lionsgate announced it had acquired the Platinum Dunes-produced film directed by Jonas Ã…kerlund. The studio had a limited release in mind and it seems it kept to its word. On the day of Horsemen supposed debut, we contacted our reps at Lionsgate querying about a theatrical list and received no comment. However, an insider tells us Horsemen opened on 75 screens in Atlanta, Las Vegas, St. Louis and San Antonio.

One would presume the film was getting the same theatrical lashing Midnight Meat Train received last year, but Horsemen was not part of slate of titles tied up in the MMT debacle. Horsemen was a rather recent acquisition. Why it rolled out with a whimper is unknown.

We suspect DVD release news is just around the corner.

Source: ShockTillYouDrop.com