Roommate Thriller Lands a Gossip Girl


From the executive producer of Strangers

One of the producers lurking behind the scenes of The Strangers set out to write a thriller his own last year called The Roommate.

Many months later, his tale is heading into production with actress Leighton Meester (of Gossip Girl fame) starring. The producers at Vertigo Films, Roy Lee and Doug Davison, have tapped Christian E. Christiansen to direct. Christiansen hails from Denmark where he writes, produces, acts and directs. Mallhi will executive produce.

The story follows Sara (Meester), a college student who is randomly assigned to a freshman dorm with a stranger named Rebecca. Things turn deadly when Rebecca becomes obsessed and begins targeting people in Sara’s life.

Sony’s Screen Gems is set to distribute.

For an early interview with Mallhi about this film, check out our previous news item here.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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