Hidden Evil Lurks in Reverb


Official site and trailer for UK thriller

Ah, the ol’ “evil hidden in a record’s lyrics” trick. Without it, the meddling kids in The Gate could have avoided demonic trouble and Sammi Curr would never have had any influence over a high school dweeb in Trick or Treat. Writer-director Eitan Arrusi’s implementing this theme in Reverb, a new horror film opening in the UK March 6th.

Swipe Films is distributing the picture and has established an official site where you’ll find stills and a trailer.

Reverb centers around a struggling rock musician named Alex (Leo Gregory) who wants to get his career back on track, so he locks himself and his band in a recording studio overnight to come up with new music. In this process the group ends up sampling an old recording with an ominous voice hidden inside the track. As more frightening events occur, the band try to unravel the truth behind the hidden plea on the record leading to a life or death battle with evil. Eva Birthistle (The Children) co-stars.

This marks Eitan Arrusi’s feature directorial debut. He previously penned 2002’s Long Time Dead and scripted Inju, the Beast in the Shadow for director Barbet Schroeder.

We’ll have more on Reverb soon!

Source: Official Site