EXCL: Modernciné’s Offspring Webisode


Director talks distro for Ketchum adaptation

The latest adaptation to spring from the Jack Ketchum’s oeuvre is the Andrew Van Den Houten-directed Offspring, a sequel to the notorious survival horror epic Off Season (which has not yet been adapted). Working from a script by Ketchum, the film lensed last year in Michigan with a cast that includes Art Hindle (interview), Pollyanna McIntosh, Tommy Nelson, Spencer List and Eric Kastel. Van Den Houten contacted ShockTillYouDrop.com with an update on the film, an exclusive new photo and a 4-minute making-of webisode you’ll only find here.

This Thursday, Offspring will screen for the first time in Berlin to distributors from all over the world. If the response is as overwhelmingly positive as we hope, there is a good chance a sequel could be greenlit as early as next summer! Jack Ketchum’s characters are alive and rich and to see them evolve over time would be very interesting and engaging. It is hard to find any originality watching the endless genre fare coming out of the “Hollywood Horror Factory” these days. The trailers alone for most of these films give me heartburn and gas.

Given Modernciné is an independently run and operated company, we do not have to compromise and are willing to take chances, like we did with Jack Ketchum’s The Girl Next Door, Home Movie and now again with Offspring. Girl was much more difficult to get off the ground, however, once we were able to roll cameras we never once abandoned the heart and soul of Ketchum’s story. Dan Farrands and Phil Nutman’s script was a perfect adaptation of the book, and Gregory Wilson’s direction followed that roadmap elevating the film to an utterly realistic place, totally uncompromised and at times just down right impossible to watch.

Bringing our films to the screen impactfully is a crucial process but also a delicate one. We rely heavily on our fans and hope everyone who watches these Offspring Webisodes continues to send them around to friends and keeps talking about the film. More exclusives to come soon…stay tuned here at ShockTillYouDrop.com!

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Source: Andrew Van Den Houten