Trailer Debut for Steven Seagal’s Against the Dark


First look at the vampire actioner

If there’s one film you’re eagerly awaiting in 2009, it’s Against the Dark. We know it. The equation of vampires, masterful action and Steven Seagal is something you cannot beat.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment doesn’t drop this title on us until February 10th, but fret not, patient one. We’ve got the trailer right here!

In case you missed our initial announcement (with DVD art), Seagal plays a Katana master who teams with a special ops force to pick up survivors of a vampire apocalypse (or something) inside a hospital teeming with baddies. Essentially, this is Seagal’s I Am Legend…except with tangible vamps and not CGI cartoons running around.

I guess that’s a plus.

Source: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment