Outlander Touches Down in January


The sci-fi viking actioner finally hits the U.S.

The Weinstein Co. has opted to hand down distribution duties for Outlander to Third Rail Releasing, an appendage of the company known for limited theatrical runs (see: Rogue, Eden Lake).

That being said, Third Rail has locked a release date of January 23rd. Company reps have not informed us how many theaters Howard McCain’s long-delayed period creature feature will debut in. A DVD release is likely to follow in the subsequent months through Genius Products.

Outlander finds Jim Caviezel playing a man named Kainan who crash-lands on earth, pursued by a creature known as the Moorwen. Kainan’s predicament has interrupted the lives of village of vikings and together they must fuse his weaponry with theirs to fight the predator. Sophia Myles, Ron Perlman and John Hurt co-star. Patrick Tatopoulos designed the film’s main beast.

Source: Third Rail Releasing