Watch the Trailer for Hit and Run


Coming to DVD in January

MGM Home Entertainment unleashes Hit and Run, a new horror film we first intro’d you to here, on January 13th. In it, Amusement‘s Laura Breckinridge makes some bad decisions, drives drunk, hits some dude and pays the price (all in a night’s work for some here in Los Angeles). Today, we’ve got your first look at the trailer.

Synopsis: A night of Spring Break partying turns into a living nightmare for student Mary Murdock after hitting a bump on a dark road only to find a man dangling from her car’s bumper. Panicked, Mary frantically beats him unconscious, buries him in the woods and returns home to cover her tracks. But when it becomes clear that her victim survived her brutal attack and wants her dead, Mary stops worrying about evidence and becomes more concerned with living through the night.

Source: MGM Home Entertainment

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